The Next Steps Scholarship Fund was established in 2015 by Pilgrims International, Inc. to assist students eligible for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) pay for postsecondary institution expenses upon recently graduating high school. It is a criteria based scholarship and with the opportunity for individual scholarship fundraising initiatives for scholars awarded with the initial scholarship seed fund.

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​Mailing Address: PO Box 174, Ladson, SC 29456

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Pilgrims International, Inc. scholarship funds will be used to sponsor secondary school students who plan to attend a postsecondary institution in the following year after graduation or undergraduate students studying any subject at a postsecondary institution in South Carolina.  Additionally, the scholarship may cover any length of time — from a six-week language training program to a year or more of university study. Pilgrims International, Inc. may ask scholarship recipients to make presentations at local Pilgrims International, Inc. events and participate in Pilgrims International, Inc. service projects after graduating from high school, but such involvement is not required by the non-profit organization.  The scholarship application will be made available on the Pilgrims International, Inc. website to potential candidates.  Applicants may submit their completed applications via postal mail package, email or Google Forms to Pilgrims International, Inc. 

Up to 3 scholarship awards are given annually to recognize students are graduating or have recently graduated from a high school in South Carolina with plans to attend a postsecondary institution.  Strong preference will be given to applicants who are eligible for DACA.

Selection Process: 
To be considered to for the award, a student must complete the application by May 1st, 2016. The student must be graduating or have recently graduated from a high school in the Tri-County (Charleston/Berkeley/Dorchester) area with plans to attend a postsecondary institution in the upcoming year.  Strong preference will be given to applicants who are eligible for DACA.  Incomplete applications will be considered ineligible. 

After a fair and impartial review of the submitted applications, on May 10, 2016 up to 5 applicants will be notified that they have been selected by a committee at Pilgrims International, Inc to proceed to the interview level of the scholarship recipient process and asked to submit additional supporting documentation.  Supporting documents to submit prior to or at the time of the interview:
            a. Proof of DACA permission
            b. Official copy of transcript from the most recent high school attended
            c. Last four pay check stubs of working persons in the household or a copy of 2016 tax statement 

Please submit your supporting documents via mail to:

Pilgrims International, Inc.
Attn: Tina Mabalot
PO Box 174
Ladson, SC 29456

or via email to or in person at the time of the scheduled interview.  

These 5 selected applicants will be interviewed by a committee at Pilgrims International, Inc and graded based on a fair and impartial rubric.  Upon completion of the interviews of the selected applicants, 3 winners will be selected to be awarded the scholarship.
Award Amount:
Each of the 3 chosen scholars will be awarded $100.00 towards their tuition.  Additional funds may be raised and in effect be awarded throughout the fiscal year.  These funds will be distributed evenly among the applicants being paid directly to the postsecondary institution in which each scholarship recipient attends.  Once scholars are selected to receive the Next Steps Scholarship Fund and upon high school graduation, they will additional have the opportunity continue their own individual fundraising efforts through Pilgrims International, Inc.

Questions?  Call Tina Mabalot at (843) 452-4270 or email